For every second of video recorded, there are between 24 to 240 different frames captured. And every day we wake up, we write another page in the stories of our lives. As a videographer, my craft hinges on connecting these two worlds in order to capture the important moments that tell your unique story.

My name is Rico Roman, and for the last fifteen years, I’ve dedicated my professional life to cinematically conveying stories as a Minneapolis videographer.

But my passion for videography transcends a resume and a reel. My childhood “home videos” consist of me, barely able to complete a sentence, begging my mom to let me use her camera and film stuff. And once I got my hands on that first camera, I never put it down.

Simply put: I was born to be a videographer. And I love what I do.

So whether you’re a happy couple looking to encapsulate the joy of your wedding day, an event planner seeking to recap the excitement of the day, or a brand striving to illustrate what happens behind the scenes, I am here to help share your story.